Family of Douglas AMERY and Florence May HOWARTH

Husband: Douglas AMERY (1918-1977)WW2 veteran
Wife: Florence May HOWARTH (1919-2003)
Children: Christine C AMERY (1948- )
Marilyn J AMERY (1949- )
Richard M D AMERY (1950- )
Marriage Jun 1947 Manchester, Lancashire1

Husband: Douglas AMERY

Name: Douglas AMERY
Father: Ernest Francis AMERY (1890-1943)
Mother: Minnie HUMPHREY (1887-1985)
Birth 21 Feb 1918 Bridlington, Yorkshre2
Death Sep 1977 (age 59) Grimsby, Lincolnshire3

Wife: Florence May HOWARTH

Name: Florence May HOWARTH
Father: Frederick HOWARTH
Mother: Ada WEBBER
Birth 15 May 1919 Bury, Lancashire
Death 19 Mar 2003 (age 83) Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Douglas Amery

Child 1: Christine C AMERY

Name: Christine C AMERY
Birth Sep 1948 Manchester, Lancashire4

Child 2: Marilyn J AMERY

Name: Marilyn J AMERY
Birth Mar 1949 Grimsby, Lincolnshire5

Child 3: Richard M D AMERY

Name: Richard M D AMERY
Birth Jun 1950 Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Note on Husband: Douglas AMERY

Royal Corps of Signals Corp.93520


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