Leonard ELLIS (1867-1914)

Leonard ELLIS was born in June 1867 in Scarborough, Yorkshire.1 He was a Chemist's Porter. He married Mary Isabella KIDD in June 1894 in Scarborough.2 He died in December 1914 in Scarborough.3


parents: John Ellis and Ann Kirby
He was the first man to die from the bombing of Scarborough in 1914.
He was a member of the Salvation Army.
Scarboroughs Maritime Heritage, A German Bombardment.


Mary Isabella KIDD, daughter of John Hood KIDD (1851-1913) and Margaret Ann HAINES (1848-1915), was born in January 1872 in Scarborough.4 Mary Isabella died in September 1901 in Scarborough.5


She died in childbirth.


Mary Isabella KIDD and Leonard ELLIS had the following children:


Hilda Mary ELLIS (1897- ). Hilda was born in June 1897 in Scarborough.6

Charles Leonard ELLIS (1899- ). Charles was born in March 1899 in Scarborough.7

Maggie ELLIS (1901-1901). Maggie was born in June 1901 in Scarborough.8 She died in September 1901 in Scarborough.9


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