Filey Fishermen, North Yorkshire.

Being a fishing community, not many of the families in Filey escaped the misery of a husband, father or son being lost at sea. This Commemorative window, which is situated in St Oswald’s Parish Church, Filey, remembers the men who were lost at sea since 1879.

Some of our ancestor’s names are included here. Father and son, Richard Richardson and Richard Richardson Jnr lost their lives in the severe gales of October 28th-29th whilst fishing near Robin Hoods Bay on the Eliza.

Other connected family names are John Shippy, Cammish and Jenkinson.

Francis Jenkinson Haxby was 23 years old when he died.

We also have links with the Cammish, Scotter and Jenkinson names which are included in this window.

Matthew Crawford Cappleman aged 22, was on board the fishing boat ‘Trio’ which went down in 1895, with no survivors. His mother, Jane Crawford lost both her son and her father, George Matthew Crawford, to the sea.

Other family names written here are Willis, Johnson and Jenkinson