Family of Harry E BREWSTER and Lilian B PAINTER

Husband: Harry E BREWSTER (1888- )
Wife: Lilian B PAINTER (1890- )
Children: Harriet A BREWSTER (1913- )

Husband: Harry E BREWSTER

Name: Harry E BREWSTER
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1888 Cayuga County, New York
Occupation Second hand car salesman

Wife: Lilian B PAINTER

Name: Lilian B PAINTER
Father: Josiah Henry PAINTER (1859-1942)
Mother: Sarah J SPICER (1861-1916)
Birth 1890 Cayuga County, New York
Occupation Baker

Child 1: Harriet A BREWSTER

Name: Harriet A BREWSTER
Birth 1913 Cayuga County, New York