Family of Alfred GRANDISON and Selina WILSON

Husband: Alfred GRANDISON (1893-1976)
Wife: Selina WILSON (1890-1919)
Children: Alfred GRANDISON (1919-1919)
Marriage Sep 1917 Bridlington, Yorkshre1

Husband: Alfred GRANDISON

Name: Alfred GRANDISON
Mother: Elizabeth GRANDISON
Birth Jun 1893 Tynemouth2
Death Mar 1976 (age 82) Newcastle on Tyne3

Wife: Selina WILSON

Name: Selina WILSON
Father: Alfred Henry WILSON (1868-1939)
Mother: Eliza Crawford SCOTTER (1868-1932)
Birth Mar 1890 Bridlington, Yorkshre4
Death Mar 1919 (age 28-29) Newcastle on Tyne5

Child 1: Alfred GRANDISON

Name: Alfred GRANDISON
Birth Mar 1919 Newcastle on Tyne6
Death Mar 1919 (age 0) Newcastle on Tyne7

Note on Wife: Selina WILSON

died in childbirth


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